Thank You

Thank you so much for praying for me yesterday.  The MRI went well.

The tech would not let me bring my iPod in with me.  She said it would "fry" it.  As I swung my feet up on the end of the bed and felt my shoes being pulled down to the magnet – I totally believed her!!!  I also said, "Hey, I feel that in my shoes!"  She quickly removed them and said, "Who would've thought you had metal in your shoes?!!"

I was able to have an "open" MRI, which was a blessing.  I had never seen one before, and as I lay there listening and feeling the giant magnets pelt my body with…(what…magnetism?!!)…I kept thinking "I need to ask to take a picture of this machine!"

But in the end, I chose not to subject my phone/camera to the magnetic field!  I would hate to ruin my phone while trying to get a picture of that thing!!!

If you've never seen one, imagine a stack of 3 pancakes…but the 2nd pancake is missing.  That's what it reminded me of.  Then they put you on a moving table, slide you in, and you become the 2nd pancake! 🙂

It was loud.  It was mind-blowingly vibrate-y.  But it was tolerable.  I've seen Isaac go through medical tests and procedures that are so much worse.  I kept reminding myself of that when I opened my eyes and saw the top "pancake" just inches above my nose.  Then I just closed my eyes really quickly and "sang" in my head.

My doctor should have the results of the MRI by next week.  I will be making an appointment to see him then.

Thank you, again, for praying for me.



One thought on “Thank You

  1. Praying!!! So glad you got one and it’s OVER! 🙂
    Don’t you wish they could just tell you the results right after the test? Someone should really work on that.


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