Whew! What a Week!

We have had such a great and busy week this week; and today my mind is tumbling and twirling with so many thoughts that I thought I’d stop by and share some of them with you.

Shall we do a Bullet Blog?  We haven’t had one of those in a while, and I find those little round dots are very freeing…no need to connect the thoughts as we go along!

  • We had an AMAZing Bible Conference this week.  I mean we literally had several services in-a-row where we listened to preachers preach the Bible!  There was no grand-standing.  There were no overinflated “preacher” egos.  There were no personality conflicts.  It was just GOOD BIBLE Preaching!!!  (For the record, we don’t usually have all those negative things in our conferences any way.  I just wanted you to know what kind of services we really had!)
  • My tomatoes and cucumbers are growing so well.  I am really pleased.  I put the lattice work in to the cucumber pots this morning, and we moved the tomatoes outside to get a little more sunshine.
  • Ike’s caregiver is not here today.  She is “caregiving” for her son.  He broke 3 fingers yesterday and is making all the necessary doctor’s visits today.  Please pray for Nathan’s fingers to heal quickly and completely.
  • I am so SO weary of reading CHRISTIAN blogs with CURSE words!!!  You know, I expect it from the world, but NOT from fellow Christians.  I think this whole “being real”, “being transparent” trend is just giving us excuses to live and act according to the flesh.  I know there are times when we all slip and say (or think) a “cuss” word.  However, to type that word out and proudly hit the “publish” button???  Shame on you!  You ought to know better!  It shows a lack of class and a serious lack of imagination and creativity.
  • Isaac is sleeping the day away today…and has done that several times in the last few weeks.  I think he’s going through a growth spurt.
  • We are attending a family reunion on Saturday, and for the first time in years, I am excited to cook for it — because of PINTEREST!!!  There are just so many easy recipes that it makes it really fun to pick out a few things to try.
  • Next Tuesday I will be posting a “Do Over Challenge” post on my jewelry blog.  I am looking forward to that!  I re-made the necklace that was sent to me a couple of weeks ago, and have already worn it twice!  Now I just have to discipline myself to take some pictures for my post!  I’m looking forward to seeing what the other jewelry bloggers have done with their “do over” pieces!
  • My cousin Joy, of Case Crossings, had her baby girl on Monday!  We are all so excited about her.  Joy and her husband like to “meet” their babies before deciding on a name, so we have called her “Tadpole” for months.  It was very difficult for 3-year-old Josiah to accept that his baby sister is now called “Joanna”! LOL!  Hopefully, he will pick up on it quickly, as he hears other people say it! 🙂

Yep, we’ve had a fun and busy week!  So now, I’d best get up from here and see what I can get accomplished!


Alesha Kay