Just Call Me “Isaac’s Secretary”

Happy Monday, y'all!

I'm just popping in with a quick prayer request.

We are in the process of trying to procure grant money to purchase a wheelchair-accessible vehicle for Isaac.

I contacted my local Children's Medical Service and was sent a list of links to applications and 3 paper applications.

There were 10 sites on the list.

  • 1 site doesn't have their application online yet, although it says it will be up by late April 2012.
  • 1 site grants only $25-$200 for assistive devices.
  • 1 site is only for Collier, Lee and Charlotte counties.  I do not live in those counties!
  • 1 site is a loan site. I was looking for grants.
  • 1 site is only for grants for ABA therapy which is for kiddos with autism.
  • 1 site is from the UK.  I sort of doubt they are going to send off money to a kiddo in the US.
  • 1 site is only for members of the Down Syndrome Association. Ike doesn't have down syndrome.
  • 1 site's link did not work. I figured out the site, finally, but they had no grants on the site.
  • 1 site was simply a list of agencies in my area, none of which mentioned that they had grants.
  • 1 site does not cover vehicles.

Did you keep count with me?  Yep, 10 of the 10 sites listed don't work for us!!!

None of them can help us at all!  (I will be checking each day to see if the site that didn't have its application up, has it up yet.)

Of the three paper applications we were sent, 1 of them will not grant money toward a vehicle, but will grant money toward a lift, but no more than $5000.

The other 2 are very vague and give very limited information about what is covered and how much they will give; so I am not very hopeful about them either.

This is all very discouraging.

A vehicle for Isaac will cost upwards of $30,000.  This is a massive undertaking.

Would you please pray that God will give us wisdom and understanding about the process; and that He will lead us to the precise organization that will help us.

I despise wasting time pursuing dead ends, especially when my time could be so much better spent doing other things for my family, friends, church and business.

Thank you for praying for us.  We really appreciate it so very much.




3 thoughts on “Just Call Me “Isaac’s Secretary”

  1. oh how frustrating, Alesha, I am sorry.
    Was the UK one Motability? They are providing a substantial grant to us, to provide a new van for the girls with everything we need. It doesn’t help you, but I am so thankful for them.
    Is a vehicle something Ike could wish for with one of the wish granting charities, or do they exclude vehicles?


  2. Tia, It was actually a full list of organizations. Here is the link: http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/scenario.php?csid=172 Maybe you will see something there that would help you with other equipment for the girls.
    You know, I haven’t looked into the wish organizations lately, but I do recall from my first look that they excluded vehicles. That may have changed now, so I do need to have another look. Thanks for mentioning that!


  3. Ah yes I have that site bookmared – very useful!
    Really hope you find something that will help you. I do not know how you have managed without an accessible vehicle up til now.


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