A Blazing Hope


When Jesus healed the leper in Mark chapter 1, Scripture tells us that Jesus charged him,

Mark 1:44 "…See thou say nothing to any man…"

However the man did not obey Jesus' command.

Verse 45 tells us that the man

"…went out, and began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter…"

I am surprised that the man didn't obey Jesus; but I am even more impressed that he did such an amazing job getting out the word of Jesus' ability to heal.

After he told his story, Jesus could no longer walk into the city because the crowds were so large.  He had to stay out in the desert and people came to Him there.

You know, I was a spiritual leper…

And Jesus healed me too.

Do I "blaze" the news of my healing to all those around me?

Do I "publish it much" that Jesus has changed my life?

Did you know that this is the only time the word "blaze" is used in the Scripture?

There is a myriad of stories in the Bible that include people sharing a message.  In fact, many many stories come to mind.

However, no where else does it express it in this way.


BLAZE, n. [Eng.to blush.]  Publication; wide diffusion of report. In this sense, we observe the radical sense of dilatation (The act of expanding; expansion; a spreading or extending in all directions; the state of being expanded), as well as that of light.


This man could not be contained.  He must have told every person he met.  The news traveled fast and furiously – like a fire that was out of control.

Is that how we share the good news of the Gospel?

Is it like a burning fire that consumes our conversation with every one we meet?

Oh, Lord, let me blaze abroad the news that You are a healer and a Saviour. 

May my every conversation be a radical act of expanding the Good News of the Gospel!