A Wild and Crazy Week

Whew!  It's been a little bit busy this week at our house, so I thought I'd try to catch you up-to-date.

Doug and Isaac had quite a time trying to get home from therapy on Tuesday.  Our truck died "the big death" on the way back.  They did not get home until 1:45 a.m. Wednesday morning, after having to sit on the side of the road in the middle of 192-no-whereville for 3 hours.  (You locals will know exactly where that is, too!)

The rest of the week, then, proved to be very interesting, having no working vehicle.  It worked out ok, though, as so many family, friends and co-workers gave us rides and lended their cars for grocery shopping and such.  We are so thankful for them!

My sister-in-love and I had been planning a trip to the beach for a few weeks, and I decided to not let the circumstances deter me.  I was so glad we went.  It was a beautifully slow-paced day and I took in about a week's worth of vitamin D, and we were home by 3 p.m.  Can't beat that, can you?

On Friday, Doug took part in the graduation ceremony/service of the school where he teaches.  They graduated 4 seniors, and he said the service and reception were very nice.

Meanwhile, Isaac and I attended my cousin's wedding at our church, thanks to 2 different vehicles from 2 different families.  It was a labor of love to get us there, and I am so grateful I could go.  Isaac sat with the younger children in the toddlers' building for the ceremony, but then joined me for the reception.  Let me tell you, my boy can put away some potato salad!!!  He just loved it and I was glad to have such a happy escort.

Today, Saturday, my mom and I attended the Mother-Daughter Luncheon at our church.  The cafeteria was still set up with the gorgeous decorations from the wedding the night before, and the food was yuuummmmy!  We heard a lovely pastor's wife speak about serving the Lord in the beauty of holiness and came home with sweet little plants donated from a church member's nursery. 🙂

So…cRaZy, busy week, full of wonderful blessings and unexpected catastrophes.  We still have no idea what we are going to do for a vehicle.  We are in no position to purchase a new one, but the old one is beyond repair.  We are truly waiting on a miracle from the Lord!

We are, however, focused on the Lord, yielding ourselves and our lives to Him on a moment by moment basis.  Occasionally, we feel ourselves growing very agitated, and have to stop to realize we are just feeling very "out of control" of everything in our lives right now; and once again, surrender it all to the Lord.

Doug is also out of work for the summer and has no prospects; but perhaps the Lord knew he wouldn't have a way to get to a job??? :o/  We don't know…so we just keep trusting and doing what we know to do each day, with the ability that we DO have.

Now that you have an update on us, I will leave you with some glorious pictures from my day at the beach!














Alesha Kay

2 thoughts on “A Wild and Crazy Week

  1. What absolutely GORGEOUS photos!!!! I miss the beach and the ocean so very much!!
    I will be praying for your family during this “trying” time of no work and no car! Keep your faith in the Lord 🙂
    Blessings to you friend,


  2. Karen, thanks so much for your prayers and support…you are a real blessing to me and I appreciate your friendship SO much! I’m glad you enjoyed the pics…it was the least I could do for my friends who can’t get to the coast!


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