A Garden Photo Update


I've been listening to an audio version of The Secret Garden; and every time I go outside to check on my plants, I hear the following refrain (by the mean children who teased little Mary):

"Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells

And marigolds all in a row"

I love the way good literature seeps into your psyche, and colors your thoughts with lovely rhymes and prose and wonderful little quotes to fit some of life's more interesting moments!

So, in case you've been wondering how my garden is growning, I thought I'd let you see!!!

We moved all the plants out of doors, and that is working really well for us.  Doug was so innovative to find another "trellis" for the cucumbers when they grew taller than the one we had provided for them.

He sunk a discarded chain link gate into the ground near the house and the cucumbers had twined around by the next morning!

It was pouring when I took this picture, so sorry for the "fuzziness".



And here's how every little thing is growing:

Tiny, tiny baby yellow heirloom tomato plant



So big now, and still growing…new blossoms every day, but no tomato yet.



Yellow Pear Tomato



Pretty little tomatoes, growing nicely!



Pickling Cucumber



This will be cucumber #3 for this plant, and it has many more growing.



Here's the first one we picked.  It was delicious!

First fruit2


Crazy 8 Cucumber (because the cukes are supposed to reach 8 inches long.)



This guy is about 6.5 inches.  It is killing us to leave him out there!



As you can see, everything is growing very well; and we are so thankful for that! 

Other than our garden, we are all doing well.  Doug and Isaac have been to therapy twice in the new vehicle and we are so thankful for it.  Every time we drive it, we find something new to love! 

On Friday, I went for my first solo drive.  It was so easy, all the buttons, knobs and gizmos are in convenient places.  I usually hate to drive in the rain, but Tranny even made that a fun adventure. 🙂


Praying you all have a blessed weekend,



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