Hoping for a Miracle

We love to read about the miracles in the Bible, don't we?

I'm thinking this morning of that incredible sea-crossing by the children of Israel when they left Egypt. 

(Actually, can we call it a "sea" crossing?  It was more like a seaBED crossing, wasn't it?  Since they walked across on completely dry ground!)

What an awesome miracle!  How exciting to see God come through in such an amazing way for His children.

We sometimes think of these stories ratherly dreamily, wishing we could see God do something miraculous in our lives…wanting Him to move in a divine way in the middle of our problems.

We love watching the miracles unfold as we read the Scriptures, but we have no deisre to face the work of the miracles as we live our lives.


We forget the things that brought about this miracle.  Well, I know that I forget them sometimes…

So let's review:

  • They thoroughly cleaned their houses to remove any leaven (a picture of sin)
  • They packed all their clothes and cooking utensils into packs they could carry on their backs
  • They ate one last dinner in their homes as they celebrated the Passover for the first time
  • They left everything else behind and walked out of Egypt in the middle of the night
  • The only food they carried was the unleaveded dough they had mixed before leaving
  • They had no idea where they were going, or by what path they would get there
  • They followed a pillow of cloud in the day and a pillar of fire at night
  • They walked by faith into the Red Sea in the middle of a "strong" wind storm


Now, are we still ready to receive that miracle???

Are we willing to forsake everything that is familiar and safe and guaranteed in order to view God's divine intervention?

Are we willing to walk obediently, even blindly, into whatever God has planned for us?

Can we step out in faith into a seemingly dangerous, impossible task, if God says "Go."?

If we are not willing to live this life of unquestioning obedience to our Saviour, how can we expect His miracles to happen for us?

To have the miracles of God, we must submit to the God of miracles.