Practicing Hope


"In one thousand trials it is not five hundred of them that work for the believer's good, but nine hundred and ninety-nine of them…and one beside." ~George Mueller


Every time…every trial…every pain…God is working it for our good.

Can we trust Him with that?

It's easy to mentally agree with that truth, but when the waves of a crisis are coming fast at us, and we are losing our footing in the crash of the breakers around us…when we feel ourselves falling…out of control…can we emotionally practice that truth to which we have mentally assented?

It is not easy.  However, the more we practice, the more natural that reaction will become.

How, then, can we practice this reaction?

I'll tell you…start small.


  • Did you wake up late?  Trust God with that.  Do not fuss and fume.  Peacefully acknowlege that He will work it out for your good.  (And tonight, be sure to set your alarm!)
  • Did the child spill powdered sugar all over the kitchen floor?  Do not explode in anger.  Practice your "gratitude attitude" that the ants have not discovered it yet. (And place the sugar container out of the reach of the child…and correct the child with calmness…allow God to teach you as you teach your child.)
  • Did you stub your toe on the doorjamb?  Don't mentally harrass yourself all day about being clumsy.  Deliberately decide that what's done is done, and thank the Lord that you didn't fall and break a limb when you stubbed your toe.  (And move more deliberately, with less haste…I have to do this a lot, as I get older…my body just doesn't respond as quickly as it used to.)


I know these are situations that can get under our skin and turn into what we commonly call "a bad day."  However, if this day is from the Lord, how can it be "bad"?  Even our terminology is not faith-filled!!!

As we practice acknowledging God's presence and control in every situation, our faith in Him grows.  Our responses to situations become testimonies of God's goodness, mercy and grace.  Then when the huge storm sets in, and we have lost all control, we have a seasoned response of faith in our God.

Practice your faith today…not by attending a worship service (although that is fine, too), but rather by recognizing your dependence on God in every situation as you go through the day.  

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