Lessons from the Storm

(Here in Florida we are enjoying the absence of Tropical Storm Debby today.  She dumped massive amounts of rain on us, and sent through some big, gusty winds for several days.  I wondered how our little garden would survive.  You can see my last update here.  After inspecting my plants today, I have come to three conclusions that are quite powerful, I think.)


1.)  The storm can destroy you.



(Our lovely cucumber that had been producing so well, stripped and broken by the high winds.)


2.)  The storm can cause you to grow.



(Our yellow pear tomato had dropped all of its tiny green tomatoes just before the storm came.  We just knew it was completely dead, and we had no idea what had killed it.  It is now literally drooping with the weight of dozens of new tomatoes that appeared during the storm.)


3.) Even if you've never produced anything, the storm can teach you to try something new.



(Our yellow heirloom tomato plant had experienced wonderful growth and dozens of blossoms, but had never produced one fruit.  Here, the day after the storm was over, is our first tomato, growing beautifully, all by itself.)


Are you in a storm?

Do you feel your storm is destroying you? 

I ecourage you to wrap your drooping tendrils more tightly around the strong Support that is anchored in the Word.  Drink in the waters of sorrow and allow them to feed and nourish your soul.  Brace your branches in the Lord as the winds of turmoil bend you almost to breaking, and allow God's storm to sink your roots even deeper into Him.

Then watch in amazement as HE produces fruit from the very life that you thought must certainly be dead.

There are so many lessons we can learn from God's nature. 

Let's be encouraged by the miracles that we see there…knowing that the very same God can work those miracles in our lives too!

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