Travel, Surgery, Celebrations – July Has It All!


We are all doing well, here at our house.  Isaac is content and happy most every day, with a few grumpy days occasionally thrown in for good measure. 😉

July is our month of check ups for Isaac.  We will see the oral surgeon, neurosurgeon, gastroenterologist and the neurologist this month…in three different cities around central Florida.  I'm glad all of these six-month- and yearly checkups happen in the summer.  That is so convenient for my teacher-husband, who is my favorite chauffeur in the world.

When we see the oral surgeon, we will be setting a date for Isaac to go into the hospital for work on his teeth.  Since he does not chew up food for each meal, his teeth do not get cleaned the way ours do.  The dental plaque has started to build up and is causing issues with his gums.  At the hospital he will be sedated while they clean his teeth and pull any remaining baby teeth and do any work that they feel is necessary

While we are happy that his mouth will be healthy and pain-free, we do dread the sedation.  If you've ever had surgery, you will understand that from a personal view.  It's always so yucky to wake up after surgery, isn't it? 

Also, you will understand our trepidation if you've ever had your child put under for surgery.  It is difficult on the mommy's heart when her child is sedated and wheeled away, regardless of how many times she has gone through it.

I will certainly let you know when Isaac's oral surgery is planned so that you can pray for me.  OH…and for Isaac, too, of course!!! 😉


Doug and I are doing well.  We will celebrate our 24th anniversary on Sunday.  I find that very, very hard to believe.  I remember when I was a young teen, my aunt and uncle celebrate their "silver" wedding anniversary, and I thought it was such a momentous, unfathomable milestone; and now Doug and I are only one year away from that same milestone in our own marriage. 

Of course, our anniversary always gives me pause, and encourages my reminiscing…and I guess that's a good thing.  I love to think back over God's blessings.  It always makes me very grateful, and that gratitude fuels me for the tasks of each day.

Doug has been out of work this summer, and that has been quite a challenge; but God is always good, and He has met every need.  The Lord has also given us the opportunity to meet the needs of others with the provisions that He has given us.  It has been very exciting to give something away, only to see the Lord replace it when we needed it.  He is always, always faithful; and you cannot OUTgive God.  It really is amazing to see that truth in action in our lives.


With all of the doctor's visits this month, I hope that you will not be disappointed if I miss some devotional posts along the way.  Most of my writing is done in the early morning, and of course, I will not be able to write on the mornings that we are traveling for Ike's doctor's visits.

I want to thank you for reading my posts here at Obtaining Mercy.  I am so thankful for you!  I appreciate your reading and commenting and caring and praying.

May God bless you today with glimpses of Him everywhere you look.




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  1. LOTS of appointments. Glad they are when Doug is off, but still a whole lot going – praying all goes well!!


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