Plans of a Grandiose Nature


Gee…I picked quite a day to go "decaf":  Our caregiver called in sick! :o(

I am feeling better, but I still can't care for Isaac by myself, as my back is not strong enough for his growing length and weight.  He is right at 70 pounds now!

So, Doug will be shuttling back and forth from school on each of his breaks, and we will adjust Ike's feeding schedule to go along with Doug's.  Let's just pray that his (Isaac's) going potty coincides with Doug's being here! :o/

I'm thankful that I feel like sitting upright this morning…and I don't have that…

"Oh, deah, I must lay down befoah I am ovahcome with the vaypahs"

…feeling (said in my best "Scarlet O'Hara" accent). 

I was actually able to clear my desk so that I can sit and do a little work today.  Doug does not deal well with "junk" mail, so while I was sick, he had been putting all the mail on my desk.  I had a massive pile of catalogs!  "Tis the season" you know! They have all been put into File 13, and my work surface is clean and organized.

With that task finished, my plan for the rest of the day is to stay awake and upright.

It's ambitious, I know, but I reeeeally think I can do it!!!


Here's to a productive Friday!



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