A Season of Thanksgiving – Day 17, 18, 19 and 20

My heart is full of thanksgiving after a wonderful weekend!

I know I am woefully behind on listing my blessings, so I intend to catch up today.

Day 17 – I am SO thankful for my brother, Michael, and his sweet wife, Jennifer.  They are family and they are friends; and that is such a great blessing to me!



Day 18 – I am thankful for the pianists (and other musicians) of our church.  They do a difficult job, and usually without any thanks or praise.  They work so hard to make the singers sound good, and are often overlooked or ignored for their sacrifice of time and energy.  I praise the Lord for the incredible musicians who are willing to work with me!  I am able to share my talent ONLY because they share theirs so freely with me!


Day 19 – I am grateful – really, beyond what my words can express – for our new vehicle.  I know we got it several months ago, but it is still "new" to me!  Yesterday, we left the house around 8:30 a.m. and did not roll back into our driveway until after 7 p.m.  But we were comfortable, we were safe, we made good time, we didn't go broke paying for gas, we had a great sound system and places to sit our drinks and to store Ike's wheelchair.  It's a wonderful vehicle for us, and we are still amazed and thankful for it!



Day 20 – TODAY – I am thankful for friendship.  I am blessed to have people in my life who share my passion for music, my enjoyment of books, my love of all things Vera Bradley!, my weird sense of humor, and my fondness for techy-stuff!  Some of my friends are family, as I mentioned above, but some are just people who have come along side me at some point in my life, and decided to spend some time getting to know me.


I have lost many more friends in my lifetime than I care to count.  Some of those losses still grieve me, due to the "unnecessariness" of them.  Some friends I have lost to Heaven, and those only make me sad because I feel sorry for me.  I am still thankful for their friendship and I am glad they are at home with their Friend who sticks closer than a brother.

I love that God allows us to share our lives with others.  I'm so glad that I have not been called to lead the life of a hermit.  I don't think I would be a very happy recluse!

My soul is revived by the company of a true friend.  My mind is expanded as I listen to their ideas and opinions.  My life is more enjoyable when I laugh with my girlfriends.  My emotions feel more balanced when my attention is taken from myself, my thoughts, my feelings and focused on the hurt or joy of another.


Friendship is precious.  And in this day and age, it is also multifaceted and international.  Some of my closest friends live across the world from me, and yet we speak on a nearly-daily basis. 

God was good to allow us friendships…

And I am very thankful for them!

Take a moment today to thank the Lord for your true friends, and ask Him to help you be a good friend too!

In Him,


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