A Season of Thanksgiving – Day 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27

Whew – how's that for a title?!!



The 22nd was Thanksgiving Day, and I was so incredibly blessed and thankful to spend the day with my family.  We shared a wonderful meal and LOTS of laughter!  It was really, truly the PERFECT Thanksgiving Day.

On the 23rd, I was grateful for Divine Strength and pain relievers.  Doug was sick, and in the bed, the entire day.  That means that the clean up from Thanksgiving dishes and all of Isaac's care was on my shoulders.  I really thought I might collapse in a puddle of tears before the day was finished.  But I made it through the day, due to the quickly-sought prayers of my FB buddies, proper supplements to boost my system and pain reliever in the form of Arnica tablets.  I had never taken them before, but am a HUGE fan now!  I've even taken them for a headache since then, and they worked extremely well.

On the 24th, I was feeling so thankful for the Nativity.  We started putting up our Christmas decoration, and I always start with my many Nativity scenes, which only seems appropriate.  That mind set, of honoring Jesus' birth first, helps me throughout the entire holiday season.  I will be sharing my Nativity sets in another blog.

On the 25th, I was thankful for shared laughter.  I was able to spend a few short moments with several friends at church, and it seemed we all had a funny story to share with each other.  It was nice to throw our heads back and laugh, guffaw, giggle, chortle, roar, snicker and whoop with one another!

On the 26th, let's see…that was yesterday, right???  Oh, YEAH – I was feeling MUCH gratitude for birthday money and the postal service!  I received THIS in the mail:


On the 27th Day of this Season of Thanksgiving, I am so glad and thankful for my brother, Phillip!!!  He is a good friend to us, but he is also a good friend to Isaac.  He keeps his eyes and ears open to things that he thinks will help Isaac's life be better. 

Just this week, I made a phone call about a "cherry picker" for our van.  That is a little lift that will be attached to our van, and will pick up Ike's wheelchair and put it into the back of the van.  Isaac will not be in the chair, but it makes one less thing that Doug has to heft up into the vehicle!  Won't that be so nice???  And best of all, the lift has been donated to a local business and there will be no cost to us!

Oh, and Phillip is also the one I call when the dryer smells funny, or the frig is leaking, or when we are out of a/c filters (they are a funny size), or when there is a strange man outside the house when Doug isn't home.  He was also our "go to" man for years when our old truck wasn't working right.

For Thanksgiving, Phillip smoked a lovely turkey and 2 gorgeous pork roasts.  It was a fabulous, scruptious addition to our traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

He has blessed our lives in so many ways, and he is a good brother and we are proud of him. 


Well, only a few days left of this special Season of Thanksgiving.  It has been a good month of reflection and gratitude.

Tomorrow, Isaac will be having oral surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa.  We'd really appreciate your prayers for a successful, problem-free surgery and a good recovery. 

Wishing you a day full of blessings to count,