A Season of Thanksgiving – Day 28 and 29

Day #28 – Yesterday, we were extremely thankful for the many medical experts that we deal with, day in and day out, throughout the entire year.  We have come to know many nice, knowledgeable folks who work very hard with us to keep Isaac happy and healthy.

I am especially thankful for the precious therapists and workers at Ability Plus Therapy in Melbourne, Florida.  They work with Isaac for 3 hours every week, keeping him as limber as possible, helping him overcome his sensory issues and encouraging him to communicate with folks around him.  They are always a real blessing to us!

Day #29 – Today I am thankful for technology.  I know…there are days when it seems to take over our lives, doesn't it?  And we have to be careful to not allow it to take the place of activities that are so much more important. 

However, the proper use of technology makes my life so much easier.  I can complete projects in my home that, years ago, would have been done in a print shop.  I can keep in touch on a daily basis with my friends all around the world.  I can choose what movies I watch, rather than only being able to see what is offered on the networks.  I can look up cool, interesting information that would have needed an up-to-date set of encyclopedias back when I was a kid and never had an up-to-date set at my disposal!

OH, and I am very thankful for my Kindle.  How did I almost forget that???  I love it and think it was a brilliant invention!  By the way, there are some really great devotional books available for the Kindle.  I have enjoyed several of those, along with the other freebies I am constantly snapping up.  It will take me a year to read them all, even if I stop adding them today! LOL!

If you had to name your FAVORITE piece of technology, what would it be???

I especially liked the thermometer they used for Isaac at the hospital yesterday.  They just waved it over his forehead and down the side of his face.  How great is that?!!!

I'll see you back here tomorrow.


One thought on “A Season of Thanksgiving – Day 28 and 29

  1. I can’t choose my favorite! It’s too difficult! I’d go insane if I had to do without my devices. Pathetic I am sure.


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