Tea Perfection


Doug and I have been really enjoying drinking hot tea this winter.

(Not that it feels like winter all the time here – it's in the 80*s today – but we're drinking the tea hot, nevertheless!)

So, I wanted to show you this most excellent Christmas gift I received from Isaac's caregiver. 

Here are the reasons that it is my favorite mug ever:

1.  No pretty flowers.  No sentimental words.  Just shiny black with a normal-hand-sized handle.


2.  It's one bit a decor – this fancy little swirl on top of the awesome LID!


3.  The lid flips over to become a saucer…


4. To hold the perfectly-matching basket when it's removed from the mug!


5.  No messy tea bag or leaves dripping, no cold tea after the steeping is done. 


Perfect tea every time in my perfect tea mug!

You know…maybe I should order a spare…yeah…I'm gonna look into that right away!  Just in case…

And, who knows, Doug might like having a "perfect" mug, too!



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