The Glorious Unknown

Week #2 started off with my trying out a new way to bake potatoes – in my crockpot!!!  It worked beautifully and they were yummy. 

I have also been able to try out a few new recipes that we really liked. 

  • More "liked" food means less wasted food and fewer science experiments in the back of the frig!

We really liked this Fresh Corn Salsa!  And the Tahini-Lemon Sauce is what makes this dish so yummy.  If your sauce gets really thick, just add water to thin it.  I'll be using this sauce on my veggie wraps, too…it is SO fabulous!!!

  • Today I found a 40% off coupon for some supplies I needed to buy at Michael's.
  • I also found a $5 off promo code when I ordered the bits and pieces I will need for a jewelry project.

With the money I saved, I was able to purchase bird food for the summer and Vitamin B supplements which we were out of.

  • I put some of my mystery books up for sale on a local "yard sale" group on Facebook.  I made $35 today from their sell.  That money filled up our gas tank to the very tippy-top.
  • We found out that Doug will be getting a tutoring job for the summer.  We are grateful, but it will pay less than half his usual salary, so all these little bits of savings are really going to help.
  • There was a check in our mailbox…for $300.  The rest of our bills due by the 20th will be paid.

…and the world thinks Christians lead dull lives!!!!!!!

There is absolutely no greater adventure than living a life of faith in the Lord Jesus!

Wondering what tomorrow holds,


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