Amazed at His Goodness

The month of July just seemed to f-l-y by so quickly and then August started with a bang.  I could try to tell you every little thing, but, as Inigo Montoya says in Princess Bride, "No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

Doug had his hernia surgery on July 25th.  He is doing well.  He had a 2nd post-op appointment yesterday, and the doctor was pleased with his surgery site.  He has been on antibiotic for 10 days, due to a suspected infection, but it is looking well now.  He has to go back one more time, and then after 3 weeks, he will be free to lift more than 20 pounds, which is his limit right now.

The day after Doug's surgery, my dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital for a week.  He has been told that he needs open heart surgery – a triple or quadruple bypass.  But Daddy has never been one to do exactly as the doctors say, (and I am glad of that), and he is now home and considering his options.  I just hope he doesn't wait too long considering, or that he doesn't at least try to take care of himself while he is mulling things over.

Our caregiver has been a true God-send during these last couple weeks.  I don't know what I would have done without her, especially last week.  She was here for 25 hours, and that freed me up to be at the doctor with Doug and the hospital with Daddy.

Isaac is doing well.  He had his yearly MRI on his shunt.  Everything looked good, and they re-adjusted his shunt afterwards and he has had no problems.  He really loves having me in his room so much, now that I do all his diaper/clothes/bedding changes after the caregiver leaves at 2 p.m, and every evening and weekend.  I did all of his feeds for about a week, too, until Doug was able to start them again.

I've also been doing lots of disciplining and correcting with Isaac.  He is so incredibly – freakishly – strong now; and he has always been a pincher.  Well, now his "pinching" is more like "crushing", and his man-sized fingers and fingernails just peeeeeel the skin right off my arms.  I have been sporting lots of bruises and scratches these past 2 weeks. 

So, we've been working on that.  It is not easy.  He does not always understand.  Sometimes, he does understand, but he just doesn't care; and sometimes, he understands, but he just wants to do what he wants to do and he will not be deterred.  For the most part, though, he does understand pain and pleasure, and he also learns by repetition.  Thankfully, I enjoy the sound of my own voice and have no trouble repeating myself, ad naseum.

Financially, we are still doing ok.  Early in the month of July, the same sweet people dropped off another box of food for us.  We shared some of it with my family, but were able to use a lot of it.  We are so, so grateful for their ministering to our family this summer.

Both mine and Doug's parents gave very generously to help us pay for Doug's surgery.  The week before the surgery, the price went up by over $700, and after the surgery, we received another bill for $200 more.  It is truly beyond me why they can't just tell you the correct amount of money needed the first time you call.  They do this all the time…you'd think they could/would get it right!

As far as our budget goes, we have had only one bill that was late; but just this week, we received an unexpected check in the mail, and we were able to get it paid before it was 10 days overdue.

Doug goes back to work next Monday.  It's hard to believe that the summer is over!  God has been so, SO good to us!  I stand back and am amazed at the ways He has met our every need, and even a few of our "wants", as well.

He is a faithful, loving, generous God, and I am so thankful to be His child.



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