A Bit o’ This and That

I took my mom to get a hair cut this morning.  A few minutes after the hair stylist got started, my brother walked in the door.  Turns out, his appointment was right after my mom's.  Too funny!

Yesterday, we traveled to Orlando for some routine tests for Isaac.  We asked folks on Facebook to pray about the procedure.  It went so much better than we even anticipated.  We were so grateful!  The results of the test were good too.  Our God is so good to us.

Remember, I made some homemade hair gel last week?  Well, I am LOVING it!!!  I highly recommend your giving it a try.

I also found another use for it:  eyebrow fixative.  I don't know about you, but as I get older, my eyebrows have gotten a little wild.  ;)  I never know what they're going to look like when I get home from church.  It's embarrassing!  So, I purchased a tube of brow fixative a while back, and it works well.  It was getting old, though, and almost empty, so I thought I'd replace it with my new flax gel.

I simply removed the stopper from the top of the old tube, and rinsed it with hot water until it was clean.  (The tube was clear plastic, so I could see when it was clean.)  I washed the wand thoroughly as well.  Then I used one of Isaac's medication syringes to draw up a bit of the flax gel and squirted it into the tube.  Now, I have a lovely new tube of eyebrow fixative, and it didn't affect my pocketbook at all.

Today I mixed up a hair rinse, to follow my baking soda hair cleanser. 


It is a combination of water, vinegar, aloe vera gel, honey, and a couple of essential oils.  You can click here to find the recipe.

I'll be using it this weekend, and I will let you know how it goes.

Doug heads back to school on Monday, and Isaac and I will be fending for ourselves during the day.  We are working on getting a nurse, but the process has been one of "hurry up and wait".  I am trying to be patient and not push ahead of God's timing.

Praying you have a great weekend and that you spend time with God's people in church on Sunday!