Adding More Color

I like to add color where you would least expect it:



I love this fabulous, multicolor colored pencil.  I use it to highlight books that I'm reading in my daily Bible devotions.  I also use it in my Bible, occasionally.

I also indulge in color when I buy my home office supplies:


Why not get my notebook in my favorite color, green?  And this cute little pop-up note holder was purchased on Amazon, and I ran out of the multicolored papers long ago, so I bought new ones, and coaxed them into the box.

I also have three, count them, THREE chap-sticks in the original cherry flavor.  I keep one in my purse, one at my desk and one by my recliner.  My lips would be so chapped and miserable without it, and it adds a bit of color to ME. πŸ˜‰

I tried a new color on my nails too:


It's by O.P.I and is called "Espresso Your Style".  I like how it turned out.  Of course, right on time, on day #3, it peeled right off.  Oh well, I keep trying!

Have you added some color to your life lately?  I'd love to hear about it!
Alesha Kay

4 thoughts on “Adding More Color

  1. I love that you love color, too!! I indulged in two (!!!) Coleto five barrel pens and a pack of ten different colored inks! So fun having all of that color at my fingertips to add to a page! And your nails are gorgeous!


  2. Alesha, I used to use different colors in my Bible, too! I do like that pencil, though! I’ll have to find one! Oh man, no wonder we’ve been friends for years, my favorite color is green, too! That espresso color is lovely on your nails!


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