All that He is = All that you Need

He is everything you need.

He is healing to the sick.

He’s sight to the blind.

He’s life to the dead.

He’s salvation to the lost and forgiveness to the fallen.

He’s rest to the weary.

He’s peace to the troubled heart.

He’s hope to the hopeless.

He’s love to the unlovely.

He’s deliverance to the captive.

He’s grace to the broken heart.

He’s everything thing I need in crisis.

Nothing takes Him by surprise.

There is nothing He can’t handle.

He is everything I need.

~ Weathering the Storms of Life by Dennis Corle

2 thoughts on “All that He is = All that you Need

    1. Thanks, Barb! I usually put up things that really help me, so I figure they might help someone else too. 😉


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