A Book Review – Works of Darkness by V. B. Tenery

I enjoyed this book so much!

I actually read the prequel in a suspense collection, (Keep Me In Suspense), and liked it so much, I went looking for more books by the same author. I found Works of Darkness, the first book in the Matt Foley/Sara Bradford series and I was not disappointed!

It’s a classic “whodunit” with plenty of suspects, intrigue and danger. I just KNEW that I had guessed the killer, but changed my mind several times before the reveal! I’m impressed when an author can fool me.

The male and female leads were strong Christians who were flawed, but faithful to the truth they believed in. They were also involved in their local church and its ministries, which I absolutely loved!

The book is free right now, so hop over to Amazon to get your copy. I’ve just bought the second and third books in the series and can’t wait to get started.

Happy reading!