The Great Re-Creator

There are times when we blow it. We sin, we transgress against God, either outwardly or inwardly. Maybe we do something we know we should not do. Then again, maybe we’ve refused to do the very thing we know He wants us to do.

Either way, our fellowship with the Lord has been broken.

Sometimes, we are just discouraged. We start to doubt God’s goodness, and grow bitter in our pain.

We haven’t lost our salvation, but we’ve lost our communion with the Father and our peace of mind.

What do we do? How do we cope? Will the Lord forgive? Will He restore?

I can answer with a resounding “Yes!”

My Pastor put it this way recently:


Our Lord has the incredible ability to remake what’s He created. He can take us in our broken condition and restore us to Himself.

Where our heart is wounded, He can heal. Where our will is broken, He can renew. Where our emotions are shattered, He can bind and restore.

And what is our part in this miraculous process?

We must confess, repent, yield and obey.

Walk away from our sin, leave our bitterness at His feet, crawl back up on the Potter’s wheel, and cry out, “Here I am, Lord! Do whatever You want with me!”

He will begin again with us. He’ll pound us, and smooth us, and perhaps use sharp instruments to mold us into His perfect vessel. The process won’t be a gentle one. But the finished product will be beautiful!

I encourage you, if you feel you’ve been broken beyond all repair, to surrender yourself to the Master Potter. He is waiting to recreate you into a useful vessel to be used for His glory