When the Eggs Won’t Peel

I nearly lost my religion this morning trying to peel eggs. (And don’t tell me all of your tricks to peel the perfect eggs – I have tried them ALL!) 😝

So…of course, I had to see what the Bible had to say about eggs.

Interesting verse, huh?

 I find it very encouraging that while Job was questioning his very existence, he also asked about egg whites! So funny! But really, very apropos too. Sometimes it the little, fiddly, day-to-day frustrations that cause us to really “lose it”.

But the God who created the universe is still the God who created the chicken. And it’s His creation that lays those eggs that can give us so much trouble.

Whether you are struggling with a life-threatening disease or a wayward child or a lack of finances or a stopped-up toilet…or even if you are struggling peeling eggs – God is God.

He doesn’t change. He remains ever faithful, ever holy, ever the same.

We can trust Him.

My angel-ed eggs may not be the prettiest, but I can find peace in knowing Him.

Give God whatever you’re struggling with today. Let His strong arms carry you through that struggle to rest on the other side.

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