Fiery Storms

“Wherefore glorify ye the LORD in the fires…” Isaiah 24:15

The Lord told the Israelites to glorify Him IN the fires. Not afterwards, when the pain had been removed. Not when they realized the stench of the smoke didn’t even permeate their clothes. Not even when they secured greater blessings after the fire.

But IN the fire. Right in the midst of the heat and pain and soul-searing agony of burning under the raging fire of tribulation.

There. Right there. Before deliverance comes.

Praise Him.

Glorify Him.


God-Kept Wonder

Let the world see the God-kept Wonder that He is molding you to be!

We may feel like we’re drowning, just like those who don’t know Christ. But we must remember…our Deliverer walks on those waves!

Are you feeling the heat of trial today?

Are you drowning under a wave of despair?

He is there with you.

Praise Him!

In Him,

Alesha Kay