A Super-Overdue Isaac Update

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done an Isaac update. I think that’s because of a few things:

  1. He’s been doing so well for so long! Praise the Lord!
  2. I started working part time on-again, off-again, and that sort of uses up any extra energy that I have.
  3. I haven’t done any regularly scheduled blogging in quite a while either.

So – let’s remedy that lack of Isaac updates today!

This is a significant month for Isaac. He turns 18 on the 20th!

He has finished all of his “schooling”, meaning we no longer have to send in homeschool updates to our county. He will be considered an adult by all legal and medical entities. Some of his doctors will no longer see him, as they are “pediatric” doctors. His adoption subsidy comes to an end.

Some of his doctors – his neurosurgeon and gastroenterologist – will continue to see him until he’s 21, and we are incredibly thankful for that!

Since Isaac is non-verbal, once he becomes an adult, he needs someone who can speak for him – a legal guardian. Being his parent is not enough – even if you are his adopted parent!

So today we went to our county courthouse, went into the judge’s chamber and petitioned to be his legal guardian. They say it is “merely” a formality, but that didn’t take away the nervousness we felt that something – God forbid – could go wrong.

We thank God that it didn’t! And we are both now Isaac’s legal guardians when he becomes an adult.

Some really interesting things happened today.  The Lord restored something to me (which I will blog about at a later date), our judge gave God the glory for our adopting Isaac and desiring to be his guardians, and our lawyer mentioned that any other work that he will do for us with be of No Charge.

We also found a pretty decent parking space and due to Doug’s long legs, we also arrived in the court house on time! 🙂

We saw God’s hand on us multiple times today. It was reassuring and humbling and overwhelming (but in a good way!)

Thank you for loving Isaac. Thank you for praying for him every time we ask. Thank you for supporting us with your kind words and acts of love.

We are so grateful that he has been happy and healthy for such a long time. He is usually content and settled, with only a few he-man, teenage outbursts to remind us that he has a mind of his own. His appetite is always growing and his sense of humor is still tickled by silly words, loud noises, being ornery, and occasionally, by nothing at all – just like a teenager!

We were thrilled to become his parents at his adoption, and we are humbled and grateful to continue to care for and love this miracle boy-child that God has trusted into our care.

Alesha Kay

14 thoughts on “A Super-Overdue Isaac Update

  1. What an awesome testimony to the awesome God we serve! So thankful for Isaac, and for you, sweet friend!

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  2. You and Doug are really special people. God knew what he was doing when he chose you two to Issac’s parents and guardians. You two are an inspiration.

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  3. May I say he looks very grown up with his facial hair! He seems like such a wonderful blessing from God, may his good health continue!


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