When Pain Brings a New Perspective

Oh, the joys of adrenal insufficiency! My back had been “out” since Saturday. I went today to have it adjusted. The chiro wasn’t pleased with the adjustment & said I needed to come back tomorrow to try to “finish” it. My muscles were so tight, they wouldn’t let the spine move enough.

When I got home, the muscles around one side of my rib cage went into spasm. I could only pant to breathe because a deep breath made the cramp tighter. We did everything we know to do – repositioning and stretching, apple cider vinegar, magnesium oil, dill pickle juice, and finally, medication. The cramps eventually let go & hopefully the meds will keep other cramps at bay for the rest of the evening.
Someone else’s symptoms will probably be different from mine. But that’s what I deal with. Today’s cramps were not the worst. Those are the ones in my inner thighs. They make me cry.
And what brought on this mini “crisis”? Well… all of last week’s hurricane prep & waiting & praying. Then last night, I listened to a college buddy (fellow alumni from Landmark Baptist College) tell of his family’s & church’s loss of everything on the island of Grand Bahama. The pictures were heart-rending. I wept with him as *he* tried to console *us* with the promises of God’s Word.
So, yeah, today’s been kinda yucky. But I have so SO much to be thankful for! And I’m grateful that eventually the spasms stopped. I was able to rest a bit in my big, cushy chair, in my dry, air-conditioned house that has running water & electricity.

Yes. So many things to thank my Jesus for tonight! What has He done for you today?

In Him,

Alesha Kay

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