True Love’s Cost

You know what isn’t getting banned on Facebook?

Bible verses about love.

Taken out of context, they fit right into the liberal Big-Tech & Media narrative.

But the Word has more to say on the subject of love than just pious acceptance and blissful ignorance of sin or wrong.

One who truly loves will correct those they love. If they don’t, it isn’t God’s love they’re mirroring. It’s only a neutered emotional response to the error and sin that is around them.

If our forefathers merely “loved one another”, they would’ve all died in prisons in England.

No, their love was powerful. Their love told the truth. Their love stepped out in bravery. Their love went beyond blithely ignoring the danger at their door. Their love risked life and limb to find a place to worship their God in freedom.

We live in the place they chose. And we are right at the door of losing the liberty they risked death for.

Make no mistake, my friend. If they control our discussion of politics, they will control our discussion of our God.

How long’s it been since your church was open for public worship?

Can we love those who are doing wrong? Yes! Can we love them when they are directing that wrong-doing at US? Yes, we can.

But are we restrained from speaking Truth while we love?

No, We Are Not.

Speak out, my friends! We may die in the battle, but our children may bask in the freedom our defiance brings about.

Just as Christ’s love led Him to His death, ours may do the same; but let us go out speaking the Truth, regardless of the consequences.

In Him,

Alesha Kay

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