Thursday, 15 February 2007

Isn't it amazing how non-Christians react when they are faced with
their own mortality?

A co-worker today was told of a relative's
diagnosis with a possibly-contagious disease.  Immediately she panicked
as she thought of her herself and her own children who had been in
contact with the relative.  Her terror was palpable.

She had been
faced with her own mortality – and worse, the mortality of her children.

the parent of a special needs child, I face my son's mortality on a
regular basis.  It is sobering and freeing all at the same time.  I
can't keep my child alive.  Neither can doctors, specialists or
medications.  Only the Lord can do that.

My child's life is not in
my control.  My own life is not in my control either. 

So I can
just relax, enjoy, roll with the punches, living each moment AS
it happens.  The future is completely out of my hands.

We can
enjoy life and have God's awesome peace throughout everything.  Life is
meant to be savored.

One of my best friends says, "Don't forget to
wear your party pants!" 

Each day is a joyous celebration of
life, love and God's goodness.

How has God showed His control in
your life today? 

Oh, how much He must love you then!  Don't
every doubt it!



Finding Me

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

There are things that lie in wait far below the
surface.  In the course of my usual day, these gems go ignored,
untapped and neglected.  Sometimes they are thoughts too deep for casual
conversation, silly whims that remain unvoiced, wild dreams that are
never acknowledged and brilliant observations that may never see the
light of day.

I want to find
an outlet for these things – they are at the very core of my being. 
They need to be explored, understood, shared and perhaps sorted and
whisked away.  If I never draw them out, I will never know.

So, here's to finding me…underneath the
everyday, mundane, exhausting, often joyous and miraculous existence
that my Creator has determined.
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tag along, I will be humbly delighted.