Monday, 19 February 2007

Whew…long day today.  One of
those where you go non-stop but don't really accomplish anything? 

I really like to finish tasks.  Everyday I
have a list on my Microsoft Outlook that keeps my tasks tallied up and
when I complete them, I can mark them 100% complete.  I love that!!! 

I also print that list out so I can get
the satisfaction of actually MARKING them off! 

My hubby thinks I go a little overboard
with my lists! LOL!  But that's how I get things done.  If I don't have a
list (especially at work) I just get "fractured" in my focus and sit at
the desk thinking "what am I supposed to be doing NOW?" 

The truth is that I'm actually very
easily distracted!  My lists keep me focused.

Are you a list-maker?

What is the oddest thing you've ever made
a list for?

btw, boys make lists too.  Their called "box scores" and "stats"! 

Hope your day is really "complete"!