Saturday, 24 February 2007

We had more seizures and vomiting last
night with Isaac.  Doctor's visit and ER CAT scan today.  The
neurosurgeon's assistant doesn't feel it's shunt related at this time. 
We are to keep our appointment in Miami with the neurologist at the
Epilepsy center on Monday, then let the other doctors know what his
findings are.

Isaac is
napping now.  He had been awake since 2 AM, not vomiting then, but too
miserable to sleep.  We turned on his one Gaither's video tape that has 3
of their videos taped onto one tape.  He watched that happily until we
got ready for his doctor's visit this morning.

And yes, his sleeping now means he won't sleep
well tonight, but he was just so exhausted we couldn't bear to wake him
up yet.  We will do that shortly.

Doug took the dog (Newton, our black Labradoodle) to the Pet
Hotel this afternoon, so he'll get a little "vacation" until Tuesday
probably.  It's a pricey vacation, but the kennel's clean and well-kept,
and they take good care of him.  We did buy him a brand new toy to take
with him.   Then of course, we had to buy the bird a new toy, so he
wouldn't feel left out (Poppet, our Timneh African Grey).

Now it's time to make my packing list while my
hubby finishes the laundry.  Then we'll start packing.  We'll leave
sometime tomorrow morning.  It takes a while to get there.  We're still
praying for that room at Ronald McDonald House, but I did check out a
few hotels online last night.  Just so we'd be prepared for any

We'd appreciate
the prayers for traveling mercies and also that Isaac would begin to
feel better for the doctor's visit.  Although the seizures continuing
would not be a bad thing, so that they can see them actually happening.

Thanks to those who just "surf" by and leave
comments that they are praying for Isaac.  That means so much more than I
can say.  I've felt very overwhelmed the last 2 weeks with all that has
been going on with him and at the same time I've felt very amazed at
how God has worked through it all.