Monday, 26 February 2007

Well, at the risk of eliciting from my dear readers an exclamation of "What now?  You must
be kidding!", I'll share with you our latest escapade with Isaac.

We did not make it to Miami.  We
ended up in the ER here is town.  We are still here today and will be
spending night #2.  Isaac's seizure activity has increased and
changed. He has also continued with vomiting at night.  The "experts"
here have upped his meds and said, "Now go to Miami."

We have a new date for Miami, March

While we
were in the ER, I was blindsided with a 24-hour stomach flu and had to
go home, leaving my dear hubby at the hospital with Isaac.  They are
both such warriors and two peas in a pod.  They did fine together, and I
almost felt non-essential, until I saw their faces when I walked in the
room.  Isaac even said, "hewwo."  I felt loved and appreciated.

God's timing is incredible.  I am so
grateful we weren't on the road when I got sick.  I would have gladly
skipped this trip to the hospital, though.

Anyway, Isaac has felt much better
today and is very hydrated due to the IV.  We're hoping they'll send us
home tomorrow.

try to update here as I can.  We appreciate the prayers.