Saturday, 03 March 2007

Update:  Isaac is sleeping way too much and vomited again
yesterday.  We have a call in to the doctor this morning to see if we
need to bring him back in.  We'd appreciate the continued prayers.


so grateful for prayer this morning.  My pastor's wife prayed with me
over the phone and just ushered me right into God's throne room.  I
sometimes forget how peaceful it feels for someone to pray out loud with
you – FOR you.

I believe we rob ourselves of sweet blessings by
not asking occasionally for a friend, loved one or pastor to "pray with
me".  And just maybe we MISS blessings by not offering "let me pray with
you" to those around us.

A family is our church lost a loved one
this week in a shooting in a nearby town.  The funeral is this morning. 
Please pray for peace for Bro. Tyrone and Sis. Ruth.  I know their
heart's desire is for their family to know Christ.  Pray that their
family will hear and accept the truth of the Gospel this morning as our
pastor, Bro. Holmes, proclaims God's Word at the funeral.