Thursday, 01 March 2007

An update on my boy – he had a seizure
on the way home from the hospital yesterday and we had to give him
medication.  So he slept all day yesterday, all last night and was very
drowsy today.  He ate minimally, and drank probably 2/3 of his normal
intake.  We'll be seizure free for a little bit while the meds are still
in his system.  We'll be taking it easy for a few days, and see if he
can recover his normal energy and personality when the meds wear off.

It's amazing how much one night's sleep can
make you feel almost human again.  I feel so much better today.

Let me tell you how good God is to me!  I
missed 3 days of work this week with Isaac.  When we got back, we had an
"escrow surplus" check in the mail, then today I received my February
bonus check from work.  If you add both of those checks together, they
are only $9 short of what I will lose from my check for this week! 
Isn't that something?  God is so good to me.

There have been so many times that, in MY
opinion, we have been in "need" of  financial help from the Lord.  Times
that I just knew any day now, I was going to walk out to the mailbox
and there would be an amazingly large check.  Many of those times, there
was no check.  We survived.  We eked by.  We walked slowly away from
debt one baby step at a time – paying off each thing at a painfully
slowly rate. 

God was
teaching me about grace for each day – making wise financial decisions
one day at a time, being frugal today, just because it's the right thing
today.  That $5 not spent wouldn't have paid off anything, but I was
learning to wait on God's provision.

Then, like this week, when I'm so worn to a frazzle caring for
this child of God He has given us, He just pours out His provision.  I
was concerned about Isaac's eating, drinking and fluid output, counting
ounces of milk – not dollars in my paycheck.  My focus was on my
ministry – my child – not on my bank account.  God took care of the

See?  It's like
this to my mind, possibly too simplistic, but it's working for me. 
Isaac is God's child.  We are God's family.  It's God's money, God's
jobs, God's house.  None of it's mine.  I am accountable for how I use
God's stuff, yes.  But ultimately, the care and provision for it are
HIS.  No matter how good I may be with making a dollar stretch and
balancing that checkbook, I can never do as good a job as God will do of
taking care of His own money, home, family and child. 

Anyway, that's what's on my mind tonight.  And
Isaac is already asleep this evening, praise the Lord.  I pray he
sleeps through.  He and Daddy are going to get out of the house tomorrow
and do something outside.  That boy needs to feel the sun on him soon. 
He's been inside too much this week.

Thanks for reading my long-winded rambles
tonight.  I pray you feel God smiling on your ministry today, too.