Monday, 12 March 2007

We have good news and bad news. 
Which do you usually ask for first?

I always ask for the bad news first.  I like to have
something to look forward to.

So, the bad news is that our doctor/nurse here in town did not
send all of the appropriate tests and results down to Miami.  We had no
idea what they needed and left that to our doctor.  (Guess who will be
taking care of that from now on?!!) 

Basically we were there for about an hour and told them
all about Isaac.

good news is that we are going to go back on Tuesday, April 3 and they
will admit Isaac to the hospital.  We will be there until Friday.  They
will be running all of their own tests, some of which are tests we've
had done before, but others will be new to us.

We feel like this is good news, because we
will finally be getting some answers. 

Basically, this will be a surgery evaluation, as they
will be determining if Isaac is a candidate for a surgery that will
help control the seizures. 

We don't know what those surgeries are yet.  We'll be doing
some research during the next couple of weeks, obviously.

Our trip was very smooth and uneventful,
for which we are really grateful. 

Thank you so much for the many prayers.  Please continue
them for Isaac.  He had 5 seizures this morning before noon.  TOO MANY
for this mommy!  We did give him the "big" meds after our visit with the

I guess that's
all for now.  I'm exhausted and heading for bed.

Much love,