Monday, 12 March 2007

Hi all,

We arrived in Miami yesterday afternoon. 
Isaac had staring seizures almost non-stop the whole way here.  When
they did stop, he slept – praise the Lord.  They continued throughout
most of the evening, until around 9 PM.

He then decided since Daddy and Mama were in the room with
him, it must be a slumber party!  And with Isaac – he is always the LAST
one to sleep at a sleep over!!!

Finally around 4:30 the morning, he decided
it was time to stop singing and get some rest. ( now,
but  at 4:30 this morning. LOL!)

Right after he went to sleep, he had 3 grand mals – 30
seconds, 20 seconds and 45 seconds.  Now, of course, he is sleeping
soundly and won't wake up to eat before our doctor's visit.

That's ok, though, he needs to sleep some, or
he'll be incredibly grouchy.  I'm just praying we'll be some place
convenient when he does choose to wake, because he will be famished! 
(We are working on self control with our little man, but when his tummy
is hungry, most of his control goes out the window!)

So, we'll meet with the doctor at 9:15 this

Thanks for the
faithful prayers.  I know my God is hearing them.