Friday, 16 March 2007

Yesterday Doug took Isaac to the
neurosurgeon to have his shunt checked.  It is draining well. 

His CAT scan showed that his ventricles
are getting smaller, but not as fast as the doctor wants them to.  So
they adjusted his shunt again. 

It's a magnet and can be made to open or close off the opening
that the fluid flows through.  The lowest setting is 0.5.  Isaac has
gone from 2.0 to 1.0. 

pray that this change does the trick.

He slept ALL NIGHT last night! 


Praise the Lord!


P.S. for
those of you who have asked about Isaac's diagnosis – He has
hydrocephalus (shunt revision – 12/13/06), epilepsy, GERD, delayed
gastric emptying, asthma, various eye conditions (although he does see
fairly well), developemental delays, and he is basically non-verbal and
non-mobile.  He can say about 10 words or short phrases, occasionally
using them with meaning. 

These diagnoses are
primarily due to a premature and traumatic birth, complicated by
substance abuse by his birth mother.  The wonderful little man that he
is today is due to God's grace and mercy – he was placed in a FABULOUS
foster home at 3 months of age (directly from the hospital), and then
came to live with us at 18 months old.  We adopted him just 3 days after
his 2nd. birthday.

He is our pride and joy and God's
perfect will for our lives.  We have determined that when Isaac has
something new going wrong it's because there are more doctors, nurses,
receptionists and parents who need to see God and witness His hand on
Isaac's life. 

It is amazing the places we have been
and the people we have met because of this little child.  We wouldn't
want to miss a thing God has for our family – so we just hang on and see
where God is taking us next.  Hopefully that doesn't mess with your
theology!!!!  We've learned that God just refuses to stay in
that box some churches and Christians try to put Him in!!!!! 
Imagine that!

Anyway, those are the things that are
going on with him medically.  Some day, I'll share with you the amazing,
funny little person that Isaac IS.  Diagnoses do not the person make!