Saturday, 17 March 2007

Good Morning,

I thought
I'd include a few more pics from our trip.  It was such a beautiful day
and everything was new to me and therefore interesting.


This was the Ronald McDonald
House.  Can you see that someone has painted only one coat of red paint
on a white wall. 
  This sign was perhaps the most
impressive part of our stay here.  'Nuff said!


A little friendly dove
that greeted us at our 2nd. floor window.  He sat there all evening.


I was amazed at how far you
could see of this skyline.  Good ol' FLAT Florida!


One of the many
gorgeous, palm-tree-lined, neighborhood steets near the hospital.  The
tall spire is the Biltmore Hotel.  It was beautiful.  Unfortunately, I
didn't get a good shot from in front of the hotel.  It was truly


The gateway to a
Coral Gables neighborhood.  I'm thinking that in years past, this was
the main entrance.  Now it is just one of many.  Pretty though, huh?


The construction going
on in downtown Miami was astonishing!



This was a beautiful shot.  I
wish my camera had captured the color of the water.  It was an amazing
turquoise green.  My hubby says this was the most beautiful scene we
saw.  Unfortunately, there was no place to stop to get a better picture.



Pretty little side street off
Ocean Drive.  See the quaint ivy-covered building?


One last pic to pay homage to
my favorite beverage store!  Starbucks!  Can we say "Cinnamon Dolce
Latte"?  Yummmmmmmm…


Isaac update:  Yesterday Doug
was able to get him in his stander for almost an hour.  That's really
good for us to do everyday, but some days his lateral hamstrings are
just too tight for us to get him in it.  He had a little seizure
activity last night, but slept really well.  He woke up smiling this
morning, but is also having seizure activity this morning.

We're praying for a good
weekend – I'd LOVE for all of us to get to go to church together