Some Thoughts on Lighting…

morning as I was getting ready for work, I was trying to fix my hair. 

(For those of you who don't know me, I have very thin

I just couldn't seem to get the right side to do
what it was supposed to do.  It was sticking out in every wrong
direction and I was getting frustrated. 

Then I
realized that behind me on my bedside table was a lamp that was turned

Usually this light is not on while I'm doing my
hair.  I walked over and turned it off, then went back to finish my

Amazingly, there was nothing wrong with the right side of my
hair.  It looked just fine.

That little thing got me to thinking…

The Christian community is
notorious for embracing a little too easily all the new and exciting
rays of "light" that come along – personality catagories, famous
prayers, alliterative bracelets, spiritual diets, 40-day-programs
and books of the month – just to name a few. 

Do these things really bring peace
to my life?  Or do I find myself "hyper-focused" on one little tiny part
of my Christian walk?  Do these flickers of "light" actually cause me
to stumble? Even more troublesome, do they enable me to judge and
condemn others who have yet to see the "light"?

Am I spending so much time, money,
effort or thought on that little bit of "light" that I am overlooking
the big picture?

forget, II Corinthians tells us that the Evil One himself
is transformed into an "Angel of Light".

Be sure that the "light" you are
focused on today is that of Christ Himself, and clarify that through the
Word of God. 

We may
have to turn off that other "light" we've been spending so much time
in, so that we can clearly see what the Lord would have for us today. 

Maybe that aspect of our life that
we've been so zoomed in on is just fine as far as the Lord is
concerned.  He may want us to take our eyes off that and look around

would much rather me be focused on my own little light than for me to
see those in darkness around me.