Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Praise the Lord – we
were able to go to church together on Sunday.  It was so nice.  Isaac
started "singing" as soon as we got inside. 

He has been having quite a bit
of seizure activity, but not grand mals.  It's more of the smaller
seizures that take him out for only a few seconds at a time – over and
over.  He has many of them in a cluster. 

When he's experiencing these, he
doesn't sit very well.  He topples over suddenly.  He also has a hard
time drinking from his sippy cup.  His toungue wants to "hump" and the
liquid rolls out.  We just have to keep at it though and eventually he
can get the sipping part down again.

Isaac's also been staying up and
partying all night again!  Last night he stayed up until 6 this morning! 
Then he slept until noon!  What a life! 
Seriously, we suspect its seizure activity that keeps waking him up just
as he tries to drift off.

Doug has been reading the info from the hospital
about what to expect when we go.  I'm getting a little anxious about
it.  Not a good state of mind, I know.  I'm going to the Lord with it. 
He's working on me.  

I also made a really stupid mistake at work the end
of last week.  I wasn't slacking or doing something I wasn't supposed to
do.  I just forgot to do something that was really important.  I just
HATE when I do that!  I want to run home and never go back!  Then I get
mad, and after that self-pity tries to settle in.  Grrrrr…  

So, the Lord has been merciful
and given His Word and words of encouragement to me all along and I do
feel better today.  Still irritated with myself, but not dwelling on it
too much in my mind and singing praises to keep my focus on Him.

I guess that's it for today. 
Hopefully, something more interesting tomorrow.