Saturday, 24 March 2007

Good morning,

It was a bad night for Isaac –
we're not sure if what we witnessed was seizure or not, but it was so
odd for him that we put him in the bed with us to keep at eye one him. 
We've only done that 2 other times that I can remember.

We are going to see my folks
for the day today.  It's a little drive and Isaac is really not up to
it, but we need to go before we head to Miami.  My daddy has been not
feeling well for a little while and we need to see him.  My brother and
sister-in-love just moved into a new house and I want to see it!  AND
Grammy NEEDS to see the boy before he goes into the hospital on the 3rd.
of April.  You all understand that, I know!

We'll try to update again
tomorrow after church.  I've been SO enjoying everyone's "spring"
blogs!  Seems like everyone has "spring fever".  It sure does produce
wonderful pictures and blogs!