Just Hanging Out…

…enjoying Isaac's company today.  Daddy is still coming by to feed him each day.  I am still having some pain.

…counting my blessings.  We are well and together and so blessed.

for friends:  those who are ill, those who are grieving, those who are
trying to sell a house, those who are recovering from surgery, and
those who have hearts broken beyond belief.

yesterday's blessing of being able to assemble with like-minded
believers in church.  Never take a service for granted!

…enjoying the beautiful BRIGHT sunshine outside; and knowing that like my friend Mrs. C said, by the time you read this, it could very well be pouring rain!  That's a summer day in Florida for you!

…looking forward to my doctor's visit tomorrow, and hoping that the scales will be kind. 

that the day is not far away when we will all be "hanging out" together
in Heaven, and looking forward, with great anticipation, to that day.