A Day Out

The scales were kind to me; but they were downright extravagant to Doug!   I am down 3 more pounds, giving me a total of 26 pounds lost. 

Doug is down 13 more pounds, with a total of 64 pounds lost!!!

told him I wanted to poke him in the eye for that; but not really.  I
am so happy for him that he is feeling better and getting healthy.

blood work went fine, although they did have to poke him twice.  The
nurse apologized profusely, as she works with children all the time,
and really tries to make that first needle count.  Isaac didn't cry
though.  Daddy was holding him, and he knew all was well.

visited a new bead shop today, and oh wow!  I was impressed!  And they
do classes!!!   I am contemplating one near the end of the month that
teaches soldering of sterling silver.  Wouldn't that be fun????  Yep,
definitely going to pray about that class.

That's it for today. 

Blessings to you and yours,