Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Daddy and Isaac went to therapy today, both sporting new hair cuts.

Isaac was having an "I don't want to open my eyes or smile at you" Day.

Ok, maybe just a small smirk will suffice Mommy and she'll leave me be!

Oh, good grief!  I'd better give her a smile or she's never going to get that camera out of my face!

All buckled in and ready to go…

My two handsome men…hitting the road.

for Mommy…a nice peaceful, quiet day to do the things that need to be
done:  laundry, dishes, jewelry making, email, blog reading, picking
veggies from our "5-gallon bucket garden"…same stuff as usual, only
at an easier pace.

Soon they will be home, and the quiet will be over, but the house will be much more joyful and certainly a lot more interesting!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday, 17 June 2009

  1. Wow! Isaac is getting so tall! I look at his face and see the signs of change. No more little boy looks but those of a much bigger boy. God bless you and Doug and Isaac. You are a beautiful family!


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