Friday, 19 June 2009

*EDIT below

If you are a fan of rip-roaring thunderstorms, you really should come to Florida during the summer. 

storms were predicted for several hours before they actually got here,
so I was able to get outside in the yard to pick up a few
things…cardboard boxes that hadn't made it into the garbage can, a
piece of tubing that will eventually be part of our central a/c system,
and a watering can.

I also moved a bag of playground sand, then
later wondered if that was such a good idea.  After I came back inside,
I kept feeling twinges all over – my upper back, my hip, my lower
back.  I am happy to say, however, that as of this morning, all is
well!  Nothing seems to be any the worse for wear.  I think I am just
starting to use muscles that have been dormant for a while, and they
were protesting my use of them.  How dare they???

Hey, are you looking for a good mystery to read this summer?  Here's a review of one by my bloggy friend Cheryl at Copperswife.  I'm always excited to get a "thumbs up" on a good mystery series!

was happy to be able to tackle a good deal of the laundry yesterday. 
Doug has been doing most of the laundry on the weekends, except for the
week my mom was here.  It's just too much for me to sort, then carry
the clothes to the washer; and then the stretching and bending to move
it from washer to dryer was not a task I could do either.  So, it was
nice to be able to do some of it by myself yesterday.  Now, mind you, I
still have a large stack of undies and pjs sitting on the end of my
couch, but still…some of it got finished. 

had a drowsy, slow-moving day yesterday.  I'm not sure what's going on
with him.  I'm hoping that he was just recovering from his busy day of
therapy on Wednesday.  He was certainly in a good mood, though, and we
laughed and giggled all day long.  His laughter is so contagious…I
don't even try to stop myself.  It does good like a medicine…and that
is good for both of us!

Well, I have several things on my to-do
list for today.  One of those is to make my weekly visit to the
chiropractor.  Hopefully, that will go smoothly, and I'll be back home
to finish that to-do list soon.

I pray that you have a great
weekend, and that you are able to assemble with like-minded believer's
in church on Sunday.  If you have no plans to attend, I heartily
recommend that you change those plans and be in the Lord's house if you
physically can.  Your spirit will be fed by the preaching of the Word
of God, and you will be encouraged by the fellowship with other


*Edited to add:  when I returned home from the chiropractor, my mom had swept the house and folded all that laundry!!!  Whooo hooo for mamas!!