Welcome to My Blog!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me in my new Blog Home.  I really love it here, but I want to hear your feedback as well. 

Is it easy to leave a comment?

Is there anything you find confusing about my site?

Is there anything you saw on Xanga that you would like to see here as well?

I have only moved a few posts from the other server, so my archives only go back to May; but I will be working on that a little each day.  I will also be adding pictures to my albums as time allows.

I am hoping that this will be a good fit for me, and that you, my readers, will enjoy the lack of advertising on my site!  I know I certainly will!  No yucky ads on my web site and no "plugz" on my home page!

I'm also delighted to have a "preview" page that I can check out before a post actually posts on my blog.

So, from our new home to you, we say "Welcome!"


We hope you enjoy it here as much as we do.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog!

  1. Hi Well I love it and I am so glad about not seeing the ads too! I will probable just say I am going to just have my blog and not be posting on my xanga site soon too. I never looked into TypePad so don’t know anything about it. Is it better then Bloggers.com? Looks like you are doing a great job here. God bless! Sharon


  2. Welcome to your new home! I hope you feel comfortable here very soon and get everything organised just the way you like it.


  3. Blogger is free, so that is a real positive for most folks. I like it just fine for my Hope blog, but wanted something different for my personal blog. They sort of linked the 2 together there, and I didn’t like that.
    TypePad is not free, so you have to consider the cost. : ) But it was so easy to learn to use it. It uses modules just like Xanga does.
    Hope that helps,


  4. I have heard a lot of people are unhappy with xanga. I am content with Blogger but WordPress and Typepad users all like them too.


  5. Woo-hoo! Your new blog home looks great and so far so good on leaving a comment. I hope you’re liking the change!


  6. You left Xanga just as I was coming back…
    I had no idea about the ads as I have premium but not sure if I will stay with Xanga?
    Anyway, just wanted to wish you a blessed day filled with tons of joy!


  7. thanks so much, Kelley, for stopping by!
    I did the premium Xanga for a while too; but decided to use that $ to move on to a new blog server, instead of staying there.
    I still have lots of friends who are staying with Xanga, so I’ll be visiting you too. : )


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