Some Things Won’t Get Done Today

Doug and I are starting a new schedule this week, and we are going to see just how well it works.  Isaac will be going to therapy twice a week now.  I know the therapy will be good for him.  I'm just not sure how well our poor old truck is going to hold up with all the traveling.  I'm also not sure how the traveling will affect Doug – not that he is old, or anything!!! : )

I was really looking forward to my afternoon yesterday.  I have several rearranging/organizing jobs that need to be tackled in my tiny house.  I was going to jump into those projects while the boys were out. 

What I did not anticipate, however, was the headache that decided to attack with all its fury during the night on Monday.  I'm pretty sure it's related to sinus issues and all of the rainy weather we are having right now…lots of fronts coming through every day.

So yesterday, I did a whole lot of nothing…while trying to make the headache stop.  I finally took some migraine meds, which did ease the pain.  Unfortunately, it had caffeine in it, and I was awake until nearly 4 a.m. this morning.  8-o

Needless to say, my organizing jobs did not get done, but I'm not thinking today looks good for them either.  I'm feeling a wee bit sluggish and oh, so sleepy!

By the way, as per yesterday's advice, I am totally going to try this recipe with my fresh vegetable harvest.  (Please note my linking to this recipe does not endorse this entire site.  Surf with discretion.)

Well, I guess that's it for today.  If anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to come back and let you know.

: )

4 thoughts on “Some Things Won’t Get Done Today

  1. A mixed bag then – therapy good, new recipe good, pain relief good, up all night, stresses on the van, caffiene overload and migraine bad. Sounds like a bit of the world in one day to me! As long as, by theend of the day, everyone has been fed and those who need it have had medications and changes, then the day hasn’t been a complete washout.
    Hope you’re feeling better today.


  2. well, I did gets lots of sleep – over 10 hours of it, which is a record of some sort, I’m pretty sure. : )
    however, that headache is back with a vengeance. I’m thinking sinus infection, so I’ll combat the sinuses, and hopefully that will resolve the headache.
    and yes, thank the Lord, all food and meds were given to a dry, clean little boy! : ) You’re right, Tia, I did accomplish quite a bit doing that. It’s easy to forget that sometimes. : )


  3. Hi Alesha! I hope you’re fine now and the headache won’t come back anymore! You’re doing great in handling your family. I want to do the same 10 years from now! Haha! It’s my first time on your blog and I think I’ll be going back again! By the way, thank you for the recipe! Have a nice day! 😉


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