The Slow Days of Summer

Well, here in Florida, we've hit that part of the summer that means daily showers and hot temperatures.  And THAT means that the grass needs to be mowed about every 72 hours!  It just grows so fast!!!

Isaac went to therapy yesterday and is a tired puppy today.  He's content to watch some Veggie Tales and of course he basked in Grammy's visit earlier today.

I've been working on some jewelry this week.  That's always fun for me.  I love the creative part of it.


Of course, I also love it when I read stories like this one!  I do love a satisfied customer!!!

I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend…we'll probably be working on that grass. : ) 

I hope you have a really great weekend, and are able to be in church on Sunday.  What a blessing is to worship the Lord God with believers of like faith!

Blessings to you,

4 thoughts on “The Slow Days of Summer

  1. Hey, was that the “oops” set??? Funny it ended up an Anniversary deal too! I love my set and got so many complements on it. You do very QUALITY craftsmanship. It is a gift and a talent!


  2. You’re right…it was the “oops” set! : ) I was so delighted for Laura to have it. Wasn’t her hubby sweet? : ) So glad you are pleased with your set too.


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