Grateful, Glad and Happy

We are doing well here at our house, and I pray that ya'll are doing well too.  We had a great day in church yesterday!  We sang wonderful songs of praise, had special times of prayer for those in need, and heard from our pastor and co-pastor who brought incredible messages from God's Word. 

I am so grateful to be a child of an all-powerful, unchanging God!

We took Isaac to the pediatrician on Friday.  After eliminating many things, we decided he has a sinus infection.  After just 3 days on the antibiotic, I can tell he is already feeling better.  He is starting to "sing" again with his videos.  I did not really notice when he stopped singing, but I'm guessing he must have done so because his throat was sore.  Now that he is healing, his throat must feel better. 

I am so glad it was something so "small" as a sinus infection, and I am delighted that he is feeling well enough to want to sing praises to the Lord. : )

We are still without our computer.  It is being worked on diligently, and I do not want to rush the experts.  I am willing to let them do their good work, and I will be patient. : )  Aren't we foolish sometimes to think we ought to know how long the professionals should take to do a job when we don't know enough to do the job our self???  ; )

I am happy to have a loaner computer, even if it does only work for an hour or so at a time!  LOL!!!  The system battery is low, and so I need to let it "rest" for several hours so that it will work for me.  Since I am a "beggar", I will not be "choosy":  a computer that works sometimes is much better than no computer!!!

My grandmother is home from the hospital and back in her room at the assisted living facility.  She is so happy to be back in "her bed". : )  My uncle is doing well, recovering from surgery.  Sweet Gail was in the hospital again last week, but is now home and, prayerfully, is feeling a little better today.  Love you, Gail!!!

Well, I suppose that's it for my update.  We are planning to have a good week.  How about you?  Quite often we get what we expect, you know! ; )

Blessings to you,


3 thoughts on “Grateful, Glad and Happy

  1. Yay! for something simple like a sinus infection! Glad he is feeling better! Praise the LORD your grandmother & Gail are both home and your uncle is recovering, too. Whew ~ lots going on.
    Have a wondeful week!!


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