From My Point of View

When your world narrows to just four walls and a bed…

When everything is colored by a haze of pain…

When you are the care-receiver, rather than the caregiver…

Certain undeniable truths rise to the surface:

  • God is merciful
  • Things could be worse
  • Prayer is practiced breath by breath, rather than crisis by crisis
  • The attitude of the patient is just as important as the attitude of the "nurse"
  • You cannot stop trying…even when it hurts, even when you fail
  • Promises of prayer become huge pillars on which your life rests, not mere spindles of religious politeness
  • The art of conversation is a skill not many possess
  • Compassion becomes a driving force, rather than an afterthought
  • Hymns of praise become the soundtrack to your thought life
  • God becomes All in All, a close companion and confidante, a Name whispered in moments of panic and shouted in times of agony, each one a sincere prayer for Divine Intervention

These are truths that, honestly, I would rather not learn; but God has decided I need to know them.

Who am I to question His plan?

As I rest today, here in my room, I am praying for God's divine healing of my back.  I would really by grateful for your prayer of agreement with me on this.

God is a very kind and compassionate friend.  If you admit your need of Him, He is quick to meet your need.  Just cry out to Him today.

Blessings to you this day,


5 thoughts on “From My Point of View

  1. hang in there, girl. I can completely understand where you are coming from. You are right that God is faithful. He is truly closer than a brother–that is not just a trite saying that someone came up with. So many are too busy anymore to take time to listen or talk or pray on behalf of themselves; let alone on the behalf of another brother or sister. I pray that your pain is lessened and that you receive the healing that you are praying for.


  2. This is a good reminder of how our attitude should be.
    I sure will be praying for you my friend.And how I thank you for all your prayers for us over this past yr. God is so faithful when we ask Him. So sorry you are hurting! Be well soon!!


  3. Awww…Alesha your inner beauty shines through once again, you are such a wonderful example and a child of God! I don’t know why you have to go through this, and I am sorry you do! I am praying for healing for your back, and I understand being down within the confines of 4 walls, with nothing to do but think, pray, plead, cry, and hope!


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