Something To Look Forward To

I don't really have much to say today…I just wanted you to know that I am moving a little more today. 

Also, I am so excited…beyond thrilled, really…that in December I will get to "meet" my friend Laura

We have known each other for several years – I don't know how many, really. However, we have never met in person.  She is a tent-making missionary in Japan, and you know, I've haven't been able to just pop in for coffee with her!

She and the family are coming back to the states for a visit, and one of her stops in is Florida to see some family.  She will be flying into a town very close to me, and we are going to arrange a get-together.

Laura is my friend because she is a sweet Christian lady, but we have more than that in common.  She is also mom to a little boy, Joshua, with special needs.  So we have sent many emails and messages back and forth about our boys over the years, and we often say that they must stay up so late at night so they can "talk" to each other in spite of the time difference! 🙂

So, I have something really wonderful to look forward to, and for that I am grateful.

You see, tonight and tomorrow night are my 25-year high school reunion.  My classmates are meeting at the home football game tonight, and then for dinner tomorrow night.  Due to the current condition of my back, I will be missing it ALL!  I was feeling sort of sad about that – well, really sad, to be honest.

So, the Lord, in His mercy, gave me something else wonderful to look forward to.

Isn't He just so good to us???

I'll go for now, but I hope that you have a really great weekend.  Don't forget, if you can't get to your church for services (like us, this weekend), you can watch my church's services online.  Sunday School starts at 10 a.m., Morning Worship at 11 a.m. and Sunday night at 7 p.m.  Go Here for the site.  Click "Media" and then "Live Services".



7 thoughts on “Something To Look Forward To

  1. What a HUGE blessing to be able to get together with Laura! I wish I could be there too! I can’t wait to see pics and hear all about your time together!
    I am so sorry you are missing the fun this weekend, but I am glad to hear your back is making progress (albeit very slow!)


  2. well, Karen, maybe baby Jake would be up to a little cross-country trip in December!!! we’d love to have you join us! : ) wouldn’t that be so cool?
    praise the Lord – one day in Heaven – we’ll sit and talk for a while. : )


  3. I can’t wait! We will have to talk and figure out the details here soon.
    So glad you are feeling a bit better each day. Sorry you are missing your reunion, praying you will be comforted.


  4. How exciting your going to meet your friend in person. I have a dear, dear friend I met online over 10 years ago. We’ve only ‘met’ in person once but our friendship couldn’t be closer if we lived next door. I’m happy for you.
    So do you pay for your blog on typepad? It looks like a nice setup. How did you find out about it? I can’t stand the ads on Xanga, either. That is why I pay the $25.00 a year.


  5. Hi and welcome, Georgene! Yes, I do pay for Typepad. It’s a little over $8 a month. I found a coupon code that made it a little cheaper than the regular price. The cost was worth it to me – to get rid of the Xanga ads, and to be able to combine all my blogs into one location. I hope this info helps you out. 🙂


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